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Expert vocal coaching for the speaking and singing voice for professional people in all industries. TemperVox Vocal Coaching specialises in effective communication techniques and vocal health care.

We work with Teachers, Trainers, Solicitors, HR & Marketing professionals, Consultants - in fact anyone who uses their voice as part of their job. 

Whether you are a teacher looking to improve your teaching skills, a business professional looking to develop your presentation skills, perhaps an IT trainer or physical instructor needing to build your vocal strength, or a solicitor who is looking to increase the power and authority behind your voice - you will really benefit from our vocal coaching techniques.

Our goal is to use voice coaching to help you understand and achieve good vocal practice.  By attending our training sessions, you will become more effective at achieving your professional goals through better use of your major communication tool – your voice.

Our Voice Coaching Courses are built around you and range from 2 hour taster sessions to full day Vocal Training Workshops.  We are based in London which is where our training sessions are generally held, but we can provide training at a venue to suit you, so if you are based outside of London that's not a problem.  We offer training to small groups of 5 or larger group sessions of up to 30 people which can be held either at your place of work or at a suitable venue (which we can arrange).

TemperVox are vocal coaching experts offering a friendly and relaxed environment in which to work. All of our team members are encouraging and supportive, allowing you to enjoy the session at your own pace.


"Excellent workshop. Both coaches were very good and made me feel very comfortable"
Carl Turland, Teacher

Have you seen the new Voice Dictionary? It's the only concise & regularly updated list of vocal terminology on the internet.

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