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4 ways to Mess Up Your Presentation

Here are a few things that will guarantee a terrible presentation:

  1. Mix up the PowerPoint presentation with the porn stashed on your laptop. Your flatmate/partner later swears that they have no idea how it got there...
  2. Arrive late, sweating and ever so slightly reeking of the excess alcohol you consumed last night. Honestly, you only went along with your friends to have one drink after work and...
  3. Lack of preparation is key here; wing it and no-one will understand the bullsh*t if you dress it up with those buzz words like ‘blue sky thinking’ & ‘going forward’.
  4. Lastly, make sure you mumble incoherently. If you also mumble quickly they probably won’t realise that it isn’t them it is you.

There are lots of these things we can’t help with, but we can make sure that the way you deliver your presentations is professional.

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