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Your accent says a lot about you - where you're from, your education and of course your personality. It can often play a part in career progression, which is where accent reduction or neutralisation can help.

At TemperVox we feel that it is important to encourage everyone we work with to speak with his or her own voice.  This means that our accent reduction work is predominantly about softening your accent and increasing your awareness of the sounds you make when you speak. We then work together to adjust your accent accordingly, without eradicating your vocal identity.

We run weekly accent reduction workshops attended by a maximum of 12 people, in order that you can hear other participants and more clearly compare and contrast accents. This develops a wider understanding of your own voice through shared learning and experiences.

The sessions include:

• Rhythm and Sounds of English
• Intonation
• Emphasis
• Inflection
• Small Talk

As the accent neutralisation sessions are workshops, we have a limited number of places but please contact us for more information and to book your place.

You can also read our blog entry on accent neutralisation too.

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