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Back and Voice Training DVD - BackChat

Lifting & handling are high risk factors in any working environment. Staff working in education & childcare settings experience additional risks of cumulative strain injury from low, child-sized working environments.

Awkward, unhealthy postures are often adopted (for instance bending over low tables/sinks, sitting on children’s chairs, twisting at white boards). Repetitive lifting & carrying are unavoidably carried out on a daily basis (be it with children, furniture, play equipment or paperwork).

Teaching & childcare staff are professional voice users. Interestingly, voice & back health are related as both are dependent on healthy posture. Research shows there is a higher incidence of back & voice strain in education professionals than in the general population.

This original DVD, especially developed for those working in education by Chartered Physiotherapist, Lorna Taylor at JollyBack & Vocal Coaches, Leon Trayman & Gemma Boaden at Tempervox, provides key information & practical tips to improve back & vocal health & promotes staff safety - helping prevent long & short term injuries & reduce sickness absence.


Throughout the DVD, the implications for pupil health are also explained.

  1. The Importance of Healthy Posture
  2. Principles of Healthy Posture
  3. Manual Handling & Risk Assessment
  4. Voice Protection & Healthcare
  5. Workplace Ergonomics & Application

Pack Includes:

  • “Points to Remember” A3 display poster
  • Printable Self-Assessment and Certificate to evidence CPD

This training resource helps employers comply with Manual Handling Regulations & the requirement to train staff in manual handling & safer lifting.

Running time: 1 hour (split into 5 easily digestible chapter

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