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Becoming a Public Figure. Does a good speaking voice help?

I was talking with Daniel Granger, owner of Mask Hair Studio in Northampton & brand new reality TV contestant on 'Great British Hairdresser' showing on E4 at 10pm on Mondays. See the trailer.

Daniel is not allowed to reveal how is has done in the competition but we discussed the exposure & profile the program could give him should he do well throughout the series. The program is estimated to have approximately 2.4 million viewers each week & the possibilities of Daniel becoming a public figure if he does well are quite high. (It also means my hair cuts might get more expensive!)

However this new venture for Daniel poses the question of what it is like to be a public figure & the importance of a good speaking voice & influence it can have over the publics' opinion of you. I would say that a good speaking voice is integral if you are going to be in the public eye.

What do I mean by a good speaking voice? Well, one that has a full rounded & even tone, something that makes people want to listen to what you have to say. Also I would suggest that an open & rounded tone of voice sounds honest. It gives you a certain amount of integritytrustworthiness. If your voice is open & free you do not sound like you have anything to hide. Think of all those wonderful public figure's voices that you want to make sure you watch or listen to because you can't wait to indulge in their dulcet & engaging tones: Brian Blessed, Morgan Freeman, Kathleen Turner...... I could go on.

Their voices inspire you to want to listen to what they have to say. They instill confidence in you.

Also a good speaking voice must be clear so that you can be easily understood. This is not to eradicate the many beautiful regional accents & indeed foreign accents we have but just to state that it must be easily understood.

Mumbling & disjointed thought are also culprits of unclear speech.

Although you want the sound of your tone to be engaging, if people cannot understand what you are saying then you loose your integrity & people can loose interest in you. It is also important to have variation in your pitch and tone throughout your speech & this comes naturally if you are truly engaged & excited by what you are discussing.

If you have a good speaking voice you will also enjoy speaking more & it will in turn increase your confidence which is a necessary personality trait if you are going to be in the public domain.

More than anything your voice represents who you are as a person, it says so much about you, where you have come from, how you are feeling.

The public fall for a personality & you must remember that your voice is a major factor in conveying who you are to others.

We wish Daniel great success in his path to becoming the Great British Hairdresser & will be watching & supporting!

© Gemma Boaden, TemperVox Ltd. 28.02.11

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