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Microphone Technique

Using a microphone effectively is surprisingly complicated.  Our microphone technique training helps you understand the types of microphones available, how they work and where you need to be to be heard.

Speakers run the risk of becoming caught up with their audio/visual equipment, and of losing the essence of what they are saying. 

We feel it is important you have the technical ability and skill to present with or without a microphone. 

“To the vast majority of performers, the mic wasn’t just a tool of their trade but an instrument that they could play on with great skill, to enhance their vocal quality and the impact of their performance”

Anthea Davies, Studio Manager (Actors in Radio Drama)

Microphone Technique training can be added to a Voice Coaching, Presentation Skills or Team Building workshop, or taken on it's own.

Out Microphone Training sessions cover the following:

  • Introduction to Microphones
  • How to do a sound check
  • Levels that are best for your voice
  • Performing with a microphone do's & don'ts

(N.B. If you are taking the Microphone Technique workshop on its own, we will include Vocal Warm Up in the workhop schedule.

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