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Pre-workshop Questionnaire

Pre-Workshop Questionnaire
Please complete this form prior to attending your forthcoming TemperVox Voice Workshop. This allows us to understand your needs more successfully & tailor the course to your requirements. (* required fields)
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Pre-existing Conditions *
If you have any pre-existing medical conditions that we should be aware of, please specify here. This should include any issues with head & neck, back or joints. (Please bear in mind that our workshops are physical & we prefer to be aware of any injuries/conditions you may have to ensure not to aggravate them further.)
Have you ever *
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Lost your voice?
Lose your voice on a regular basis?
Experience throat irritation (i.e. scratching or soreness) when you are teaching or speaking generally?
Experience any other vocal issues?
If have other vocal issues please specify here
What does your voice mean to you? *
Do you consider yourself a professional voice user? *
Do you currently do any vocal exercises?
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What do you think you vocal weaknesses are?
What do you think your vocal strengths are?
What do you hope to achieve from your TemperVox Vocal Workshop?
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