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Presentation Skills Training Courses London

During our Presentation Skills Courses held in central London we work with you to show you how to dissect the major components of your script or presentation and use them to your advantage.

Working with us, not only will you learn how to improve your presentation skills, we will also show you how to develop a well-maintained and engaging voice in order to hold the attention of your audience and win that pitch, contract or election!.

The most skilled presenters are those with two major communication tools:

  1. A well written speech
  2. The skills to deliver that speech.

You can have the greatest script writers or the best written pitch in the world, but if you lack the presentation skills to deliver this in an engaging and convincing way the likelihood is either no one will listen to you or someone else will pip you to the post and win that contract.

Our presentation skills training courses cover the following techniques:

  • Simple and effective warm up
  • Text analysis
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Presence – holding the room physically before you begin to speak
  • Maintaining an audiences attention
  • Rhetoric and Clarity of delivery
  • Exciting and inspiring voices
  • Addressing different sized groups
  • Using a microphone (if this is necessary)

During the workshops we ensure you pick out and use your language to the fullest and highlight these points vocally to inspire your audience. After attending our presentation skills workshop you will feel more confident and accomplished at bringing your text to life.

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Improve your Presentation SkillsPresentation Skills TrainingImprove your Presentation Skills

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