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Team Building Courses

Whatever your profession the dynamics of your team will have a big impact on the success of your business.  Our Team Building Days consist of lots of great theatrical, dramatic or musical activities that are tailored to your needs.

Our teambuilding workshops can include all or any of the following:

• Vocal Skills
• Presenting
• Public Speaking
• Performance
• Scripted Scenes
• Shakespeare (prose/verse/sonnets)
• Singing (solo/chorus)
• Clowning

Voice Coaching Courses

The power and influence your voice can have to further your career is often underestimated therefore training and understanding your voice can only be of benefit to you. As a professional voice user you want to be listened to, and most importantly heard. It is crucial that you convey your message in an interesting and engaging way.

We offer a range of courses............

Presentation Skills Training Courses

During our presentation skills training courses not only will you learn how to improve your presentation skills, we will also show you how to develop a well maintained and engaging voice in order to hold the attention of your audience and win that pitch, contract or election!

If you can't find what you're looking for here, please do get in touch - we also offer tailor made presentation skills training to suit you.

Here's a selection of our presentation skills training courses which are available to book online.

Accent Reduction Courses

We run weekly accent reduction workshops attended by a maximum of 12 people, in order that you can hear other participants & more clearly compare & contrast accents. This develops a wider understanding of your own voice through shared learning & experiences.

Teacher's Voice

Teachers are professional voice users & despite having to use their voices for at least 30 hours per week there is little or no voice training available as part of PGCE training.

May teachers consider vocal strain to be a 'hazard of the job', which means that terrible damage is regularly done to the voices of teachers throughout their careers.

Our INSET & CPD sessions take teachers gently through the scientific & practical aspects of using & caring for the voice as an essential part of the teacher's educational tool-kit.

Training DVD

Specially produced to help education professionals working with young children to be more aware of protecting their backs & voice. The DVD contains information about manual handling, back & voice care.

Ideal for CPD or staff-meetings, the DVD pack also contains an assessment, poster & certificate to include as part of staff development.


We recommend reference material useful for those interested in the voice

Vocal Health & Wellbeing

Products to support a healthy voice

Voice Studies and Conferences

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