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The Year of Communication

2011 is the National Year of Communication & is designed to increase awareness of the importance of speech, language & communication for everyone.

The Department of Education appointed Jean Gross to be the Communication Champion & the project is supported by BT.

Although this project concentrates on the linguistic and communicative skills of young people, we feel it is missing a vital component; the voice of the teacher.

Independent studies have shown that after the age of 11 the acquisition of new communication skills starts to plateau. Therefore, it is vital that those who have the most contact with young people (their teachers, youth workers, parents & guardians) have help to more effectively communicate, engaging the ears, hearts & minds of young people for longer & with greater ease. It is also important that those in continuous contact with young people as well as engaging the child's listening skills act as good role models for communication skills themselves.

Our recent work with the wonderful students & teachers at Guilsborough School in Northamptonshire has already served to give the students knowledge of how to speak in public with more confidence which will translate over into their learning environments & indeed throughout their lives. The presentation skill work has also had a great impact on their use of language & will help to feed into their literacy work. Sometimes doing things out of the ordinary & working with a company like ours to put things into practise can help put into perspective how the skills we learn at school are really relevant to our daily lives.

The teachers also benefited greatly from our voice coaching sessions showing a better sense of their own voice, as well as how to use it to greater effect whilst teaching. We hope these newly learnt skills will make their teaching lives easier but also give good role modelling in communication for their students.

We look forward to keeping a watch on what rejuvenations and innovations the 'Year of Communication' will bring to linguistic & communicative skills of young people.

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