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Knowledge in how to maintain a healthy voice is vital and that is why we always dedicate sections of our vocal coaching workshops to vocal anatomy and vocal health and care. If you are a professional voice user your voice is essential to your work and as such you need to take the care and well being of your voice seriously.

In order to be able to look after your voice correctly you first must understand how it works. We take you through a simple guide to the anatomy of the voice at the beginning of any of our vocal coaching sessions. This helps to give you an understanding of what things will be good for your voice and the things that will be detrimental to your vocal health. The understanding of your vocal anatomy also reinforces the need for a daily vocal warm up and an appreciation for how the exercises we undertake within a workshop strengthen your voice.

Your whole body is linked to your vocal health and we take a holistic approach to our work. Relaxation and alignment techniques are a major factor in ensuring you have a strong and healthy vocal tool. Before we start training your voice we assess your alignment and offer tips for correct posture.

Within our workshops we go through some helpful hints and tips that you should know in order to help you maintain a healthy voice:

A healthy voice is a hydrated voice. Doctors recommend we should drink 8 glasses of water a day. We look at things that help to hydrate you, the benefits of steaming, discussions around everyone's tried and tested potions that help look after the voice and so on. We also discuss things that dehydrate you such as alcohol and smoking and the affects these can have on your voice.


The only time your larynx is really relaxed is when you are asleep. You should try and get your 7-8 hours a night if you can.

If you shout and are not properly supported you can damage your voice. We offer alternative techniques that can make you heard over loud situations and discuss the ideology that shouting should be a last resort.

What to do if you lose your voice and how to take care of your voice when you are unwell.

Awareness of vocal strain
Recognising when something is going wrong.

Within our vocal coaching workshops we take time to discuss any issues which you feel may be affecting your vocal health and offer solutions. If we feel you may have a serious clinical issue with your voice we will refer you to one of our Speech and Language Therapy colleagues.

Vocal health advice does not stop at the end of our workshops. Once we have worked with you within a workshop situation and have been able to get to know your voice we will happily continue to offer advice on any issues that may have arisen during our work together.


Vocal Anatomy - Gemma's talking about the root of the tongue...

Voice Care & Health - Alignment is key to good vocal production.



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