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Vocal Training for Teachers

Our Vocal Training for Teachers INSET and CPD workshops are specially designed to help both newly qualified and seasoned teachers to identify and ease any counterproductive vocal habits.

Teachers, like actors, are professional voice users. However teachers use their voices infinitely more than actors do and receive infinitely less (if any) voice coaching.  Teachers’ voices need to be strong and flexible to support them throughout the day, week, term and year.

The Teachers’ voice needs to be adaptable to cope with varying conditions like teaching in halls, classrooms, laboratories, PE fields and coping with unruly children.

We specialise in working with school staff on a variety of vocal subjects in order to cover the most common issues faced. Our Vocal Training for Teachers workshops also include a surgery section when participants can discuss their specific needs and have them addressed by a vocal coach.

Subjects covered in workshops include:

  • Introduction to Vocal Anatomy – understand your voice.
  • Daily vocal warm up – maintain your vocal strength and agility.
  • Commanding the room with the power of your voice.
  • Identification of resonant areas & their effects.
  • Introduction to Alexander Technique and Alignment exercises.
  • Variation of pitch, tone and inflection. Keep the listener interested.
  • Articulation. Make sure you are understood.
  • Projection. Make yourself heard without having to shout.
  • Shouting. If you need to shout, do it safely.
  • Vocal health. How to use your voice in a safe and healthy way.
  • Recognising vocal health problems and offering solutions

The voice needs to be used in a safe and healthy way but also needs to be pitched at the right level for each scenario in order to gain and maintain attention and encourage learning.

Knowledge in how to achieve and maintain a strong and healthy voice can be imperative to the success and longevity of your career.

Tempervox trains warm, lively and expressive voices which are pleasant to listen to (even when they are at their most authoritative) which draws students in and makes them want to listen and learn.

We always tailor our teacher voice coaching workshops to your specific needs where possible and also offer the following optional additions:

  • Classroom Observation & Vocal Strategy
  • Physical Presence
  • Story Telling

We have worked with Voice, The Union (formerly P.A.T.), Babcock4S (formerly VTFourS) and are recommended practitioners for the N.U.T.

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