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Our Voice Coaching Courses will allow you to realise your potential as a communicator, by helping you to understand your voice and training you how to use it more effectively. After all, your voice is the most effective tool you have for communication.

The power and influence your voice can have to further your career is often underestimated, therefore vocal coaching can be extremely beneficial to you. As a professional voice user you want to be listened to, and most importantly heard. It is crucial that you convey your message in an interesting and engaging way.

We train voices that inspire, voices that have variation of pitch and tone, voices with a full and rounded sound that are confident and clear and can be heard in all situations and voices that hold the same passion in them regardless of the subject matter.

The voice is a tool that should be nurtured so before we begin our vocal coaching sessions, we take you through a simple guide to the anatomy of the voice so we all understand the tool we are working with.

The whole body affects the sound that comes out of our mouths, so we start your voice coaching by looking at your alignment. We all have different bodies and so we offer tips for correct posture and alignment for each individual having assessed their needs.

TemperVox believes in empowering you with the knowledge to use your voice in a healthy and effective way and to know how to maintain this throughout the rest of your career. We will teach you simple and effective warm up techniques for your voice that can be done by anybody. After completing a workshop with us you will feel more confident in being able to use your voice to your advantage.

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Our work doesn't finish at the end of the session – TemperVox trains voices for life

 Voice Coaching Workshop Voice Coaching Workshop

 Voice Coaching Workshop

"A really fun, educational workshop which will make me think about how to use my voice more effectively in the future"    Anton Mclean

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