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What does your voice say about you?

I'm spending the next two weeks on jury service & had to endure the monotony of repeatedly being informed of the same inane information regarding expenses (apt...) & procedures this morning.

There was a huge volume of information to digest & the jury management team's vocal confidence & inflection didn't keep us engaged. Most of the first day jurors seemed to have given up the will to live after 25 minutes!

Voices say a huge amount about the speaker.

Where you're from: be it accent, inflection, accuracy of diction or vocabulary.

Education: how articulate & eloquent you are, due to formal or self-education.

Socio-political position: which 'class' background you (& your social group) are from, your possible political affiliation & economic position.

It is essential that when you have something important to say, the people you are speaking to are encouraged to listen to you.

This can be achieved with relative ease through employing basic rhetoric devices known as 'figures of speech' as well as an increased awareness & implementation of vocal & performance techniques. These are often very simple but phenomenally effective.

For rhetorical figures of speech, click here.

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