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What you will learn

During every vocal coaching workshop you will cover the following:

Vocal Production – Anatomy, Articulation & Variation

Our workshops start with a brief introduction to vocal anatomy. We feel that this is important so that you have an idea of why we work on certain exercises. It also helps you to become more aware of the capabilities of the voice.

Articulation is paramount when speaking, as despite the theory it is about what you say and not just how you say it. Good articulation allows you to be fully understood and reduces the likelihood of stumbling over words.

The ability to vary your pitch, tone, pace, volume and inflection keep the listener’s ear engaged and retains the information you are imparting.

Releasing Tension - Vocal clarity & a 'free' voice 

Releasing muscular tension allows your voice to be ‘free-hanging’ and uninhibited. The larynx (voice box) is supported by muscles, which work best when they are flexible, strong and free.

Any tension arising from performance anxiety hampers vocal production. 

We take you through a simple daily warm-up routine comprising of stretches, relaxation and alignment techniques. All of which is essential to overcome counterproductive physical habits.

Taking the Space - Authority & Confidence 

Do you shift your weight from foot to foot when you’re speaking publicly?

Are you prone to fidgeting, shuffling your notes and ‘um’-ing and ‘ah’-ing’?

Learning how to be physically comfortable gives you more authority and confidence that will make your audience more receptive and attentive.

We teach you how to make yourself more grounded, and provide you with exercises to encourage a more stable and neutral posture for that added extra gravitas.

Vocal Care & Health

Vocal Care & Health is vital to longevity. We provide practical advice so you can maintain a healthy voice.

TemperVox ensure that every person has one-to-one contact, help and advice. This may be on a pre-existing vocal issue, or one that may become apparent during the workshop.

For more information visit Voice Care & Health.



Optional additions to the workshops include:

Constructing & Reading Notes

Sound Balancing & Shouting

Story Telling

Microphone Technique

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