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4 ways to Mess Up Your Presentation
Here are a few things that will guarantee a terrible presentation: Mix up the PowerPoint presentation with the porn stashed on your laptop. Your flatmate/partner later swears that they have no idea how...
Rhetoric is defined as the following: 1. the art of science of all specialized literary uses of language in prose or verse, including the figures of speech.
2. the study of the effective use of...
Becoming a Public Figure. Does a good speaking voice help?
I was talking with Daniel Granger, owner of Mask Hair Studio in Northampton & brand new reality TV contestant on 'Great British Hairdresser' showing on E4 at 10pm on Mondays. See the trailer....
Presentation Skills Training Courses London
During our Presentation Skills Courses held in central London we work &#...
Microphone Technique
Using a microphone effectively is surprisingly complicated.  Our microphone technique training helps you understand the types of microphones available, how they work and where you need to be to be...
Constructing Notes
Confidence with your own script allows you to focus on the most important points of your presentation and more effectively communicate them. We discuss the preparation of notes, how best to format them...
Story Telling
Story telling is the art of building a picture of the information you are imparting in an interesting, simple & comprehensible way.  A vivid image is a powerful tool! Engaging the listener&rsquo...

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